Nashville, TN, June, 2015 – The image of doctors and nurses holding hands in prayer before surgery, evoking God to “watch over the surgeon and keep us all safe,” was such a powerful point of what makes Saint Thomas health so different from the vision of health care today, that BOHAN Advertising knew it had to be the centerpiece of its marketing and ad campaign for the hospital system.

Staff has united behind the campaign and patients routinely ask for pre-surgery prayers like the ones in the advertising. BOHAN has earned national “Best of Show” honors for the multi-faceted “Nothing Shall Be Impossible” work from the Aster Awards program and the Healthcare Advertising Awards program. It has won Gold and Judges Choice at Local and District Addys. And it could be on the short list for Clio Healthcare and Cannes Healthcare Awards.

“We spent days in a discovery process at Saint Thomas and this campaign was carefully executed with the same authenticity we observed day in and day out,” explained Kerry Graham, CEO of BOHAN.  “Faith here is not something that’s exploited, preached or over-served—but it has provided a unique environment and is a profoundly valuable addition to the organization’s mission of care, clinical integration and population health.”

The integrated campaign for Saint Thomas Health Systems is built on the promise that “Nothing Shall be Impossible,” a Bible verse in the Book of Luke which aptly describes how Saint Thomas approaches every challenge. The advertising demonstrates how the line is more than a headline. It celebrates the real-life health crisesthe doctors and nurses manage daily while evoking the institution’s pointed belief that it is serving a greater good in the hands of a higher authority.

“For years, we did fairly typical healthcare advertising, focusing on volumes, accolades and the like,” said Rebecca Climer, SVP, chief communications and marketing officer for Saint Thomas Health. “We went through a process of serious introspection and decided it was time to focus on the attributes that really set us apart in the market and define what patients have told us ‘feels different’ about our hospitals.  Nothing shall be Impossible is not an advertising campaign. It is the platform for communication that allows for full expression of what makes us unique. We’ve been overwhelmed by the resonance it has with our associates and our physicians and the positive response we have received from the people we serve.”

The campaign uses images of patients celebrating positive healthcare outcomes with the line “Nothing Shall Be Impossible.” Included in television, outdoor, transit, online and print ads are photos of newborns, cancer survivors, patients with joint replacements and others embracing the results of care by Saint Thomas Health systems. The ads can be seen here: http://bohan-sths.tumblr.com/

In a sea of sameness, the Saint Thomas message “Nothing Shall be Impossible,” stands out in such force, that it received over 7,000 online YouTube and Vimeo views in the first two weeks. After just six months in the market, unaided recall of “Nothing Shall Be Impossible” was cited by 14% of the system’s primary and secondary service areas, message association with the brand increased 20%, and overall preference rose 4%.

Saint Thomas Health Systems awarded its integrated advertising and marketing account to Bohan Advertising in early 2014. The agency launched the campaign last May, taking a distinctly “un-healthcare” approach to communicate how the organization’s faith drives the system to achieve the best possible performance, prevention and outcomes for patients and their families. Additional campaign elements will continue to roll out in 2015.


BOHAN Advertising, established in 1990 and based in Nashville, Tenn., is a full-service advertising and marketing agency. It has major clients in tourism/hospitality, healthcare, retail and consumer goods. Advertising Age named it the Southeast Small Agency of the Year 2014. Agency information is online at BohanIdeas.com.

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